My Book on the Energy Future and the Role of Solar Energy

My views on the energy future are discussed in the book below.

Ø    During the last century:

Ø    World population quadrupled

Ø    Energy consumption quadrupled

Ø    Per capita energy use today is:

Ø    1,000 kWh/y in Africa, 16,000 kWh/y in the USA

I have also written about nuclear energy, deep sea drilling for oil and many other topics concerning the energy future of the planet. Some of my energy related system designs and articles can be found at:

If the equivalent of 1–2% of the GWP was invested annually in the conversion to using renewable energy and if no new fossil or nuclear plants were built, by 2100 the transition to a free, clean, safe and inexhaustible energy economy could be completed. The figure below shows the daily amount of solar energy received by different part of the United States. For example in the New York area, each square meter receives about 2.5 kW/day (912 kWh/yr). The average household consumes about15,000 kWh/yr and the efficiency of today’s solar collectors range from 5% to 30%.

As can be seen below, most fossil fuels will be gone by 2100, while solar energy is unlimited, inexhaustible, clean, free and eliminates global warming caused by the release of carbon dioxide.

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