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PERSONAL:  Born on June 7, 1936 in Hungary. Entered the United States as a refugee of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Wife is Mártha Szacsvay, a ceramics artist, son Ádám is chief legal correspondent for the New York Times, daughter Ágnes is president of Fresco, an interior design firm.

EDUCATION:  Technical University of Budapest (1953-56), ME degree from Stevens Institute of Technology (1959), Masters degree from CCNY (1962), graduate courses in computer science at Pratt Institure (1965).

PUBLICATIONS: Published over 200 technical articles (  and some 22 technical books ( including four editions of the multi-volume Instrument Engineers’ Handbook, with preface by Edward Teller.

LICENCES: Professional engi­neering licence.

AWARDS: Listed in Who Is Who of American Scientists and Engineers. Book reviewer of American Scientist, elected ISA Fellow (Instru­ment Society of America) in 1973. Received the Pond Award from ISA and the best paper award from ASHRAE, ”Technical Achievement Award” from ISA in 1995 and the “Control Hall of Fame” award in 2001. Was keynote speaker at the 2002 and 2011 ISA (International Society of Automation) Convention and in 2005 received the @Life Time Achievement Award” of ISA (International Society of Automation).

TEACHING: Was adjunct professor at Yale University and course director at the Center for Professional Advance­ment. In 1995 he was also invited to teach as a Fulbright Scholar.

EMPLOYMENT: Chief Instrument Engineer at Crawford & Russell Inc. (John Brown Ltd.), an engineering design firm, serving the processing industries (1959-1975). From 1975 to date, president of Lipták Associates P.C., where he works as an automation, optimization and safety control consultant for both the traditional and the newly emerging industries including energy conservation, pollution prevention and safety related projects.

INDUSTRIAL CLIENTS: Over the years, our clients included Air Products & Chemicals, Argonne National Lab., Ashland Chemical, BASF, Brandt Ind., Chevron, Cyanamid, DOE, Dow, EPA, ERDA, Exxon, Friendlies, General Foods, Hooker Chem., HP, IBM, Innotech, Israel Chem.,  Lancy Lab., Merck & Co., MIT, Monsanto, Oak Ridge Nat. Lab., Occidental Petroleum, Office of Coal Research, Olin Chem., PCI, Proctor & Gamble, Promon of Brazil, Raytheon, Reilly, O.M. Scott, SETEC of Argentina, Stauffer, Technicon, Thermo Electron, Univ. of Tenn., UNIDO, and Westinghouse  corporations.

EXPERT WITNESS:  Evaluated the causes of fires, explosions and other industrial accidents, testified concerning patent violations and on a variety of measurement and control disputes. In 14 cases only opinions were given, in 4 cases only deposition was needed while in 5 instances the deposition was followed by participation in the trials.

My experience covers the automation of many industries

I have also applied the principles of process control to non-industrial processes such as the control of rivers or the control of the economy (see the control algorithm on the right). If you are interested in a complete description of the concept, see:

Figure below shows the controls to prevent accidents like the one that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. This design guarantees the safety of offshore deep sea drilling for oil. For a detailed description see

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